U.S.A Flag Touch



The simple game which finds and touches a correct answer out of many state flags! 

you by whom a flag is not memorized! the brain training which can study a state flag like a game -- an application -- recommendation point of an application 
A check with a global map is possible in the position of the state in the United States simple and clear [ the rule of memorizing and discovering an American state flag ], and intelligible. 
a place is also poured, boiled and memorized -- since the position of a state flag and a state is memorized, playing happily, it does not become pain -- how to play this application 
The idea of having promoted the simple study of "memorizing a state flag" to "the pleasant game" is an interesting application. 
Since the position of the form of a state flag, a color, and a state can be memorized, playing happily, it does not become pain at all. 
If a state flag is not kept in mind as the direction and general common sense that it is necessary to memorize a state flag by the test of geography or history, those who decided preparedness to be -- need to challenge. 
A rule is easy. 
"-- the state flag of a title -- the memorization -> -- the state flag of a title is discovered out of many state flags -- " -- what is said. 
In two distance of remembering the image which memorizes a state flag and of which & memory was done, the image of a state flag is firmly planted into your head. 
Since the position of an American state can be checked with a map if the right correct answer is drawn, if generous, let's also put the place of a state into the corner of the head in passing. 
They are means, even if it gives up and memorizes together with the friend of a class regardless of continuing stoically as an object for one persons. 
It may be interesting even if it fights [ Which discovers the state flag of a title previously? ]. 
Since a state flag is memorized happily, those who got interested need to touch. 



  • アメリカの州旗を暗記して探し出す、というルールが単純明快で分かりやすい
  • アメリカの州の位置を世界地図で確認可能。場所もついでに覚えられる
  • 楽しく遊びながら州旗と州の位置が覚えられるので苦にならない